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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Florida Returns $174 million in unclaimed money in 2008-2009 FY

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According to the state of Florida, almost $300 million of unclaimed money was turned over to the state treasurer during the 2008 - 2009 fiscal year and almost $175 million was turned over their respective owners---and since 300,000 claims were successfully filed, that means that the average successful claim was worth $1,000!
Over the last 6 fiscal years, Florida has on average collected $150 million more than it has given out in its "missing Money" campaign---All of this extra money is figuratively "kept in trust", but in actuality is used to help fund the state's educational programs. So if Grandma had an unknown bank account for $50,000 that was turned over to the state in 2005, the state used that money once the bank turned it over to the state---but if Grandma's heirs discover the missing cash, and file a claim---the state will gladly issue them a check.

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