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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NBC finds Illinois Man who had a million dollars of unclaimed funds

NBC's "You Might Be Rich" trekked to Illinois to track down Bill to tell him that he has some missing money. Peter Alexander flew to Southern Illinois to meet up with the Illinois Treasurer (Alexi Giannoulias) to meet him at an abandoned Country Store / gas station to claim his money.

Bill drove up in an old Buick, and guessed that he may have been owed $50,000 - $60,000 but he never bothered to claim the money---because 'he knew it was there'

The single 72 year old was a retired farmer and found out that the State of IL was sitting on $1,046,585.92 ... That's right, this old guy had more than a million dollars waiting for him---It turns out he had some stock that got escheeted to the state. Fortunately, the state sold the stock before the recent market crash so Bill got his check for seven-figures.

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