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Friday, October 22, 2010

New York's Office of Unclaimed Funds is sitting on $10.5 billion

According to New York's state comptroller Thomas DiNapoli the empire state is currently sitting on over $10 billion of unclaimed assets waiting to be claimed. More than 25 million accounts have been turned over to the state. During the last fiscal year, over $650 million was turned over and only $227 million was returned to 360,000 New Yorkers.

things like inactive bank or investment accounts. Some of this money could be yours. See how easy it is to search for lost money by watching this tutorial. And it's important to note that while there is NO fee to claim your money; some "finder firms" are legally allowed to collect up to 15% of the funds if you agree to let them help you find your long lost cash.

Some other statistics concerning the assets that were returned to people are that 40% of all returns were less than $50 and 60% of funds returned were for less than $100. But many things worth thousands of dollars were also returned. In fact the largest single claim ever paid was $4 million.

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