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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Florida's Treasurer Sink Helps People find Unclaimed Assets

Florida's CFO Alex Sink explains that in 2009 the sunshine state gave back more than $200 million in unclaimed money to the rightful owners (which was another state record)... This year, the bureau has received record amounts---More than $350 million added representing over 1.3 million accounts.

During Sink's term more than $600 million has been returned by the Florida unclaimed property bureau. The pan-handle has recently received special attention; by sending out over 6,000 post-cards in an active outreach program.

Florida's unclaimed property auction will be at the Florida Hotel at the Florida Mall in Orland later this year on Friday the twentieth. The public can view the items before the auction and include jewelery, watches and coins.

Treasurer Sink wants people to search and people should try and search under all names (including aliases, maiden names, and deceased family member names).

Best of luck finding your moolah at Florida's online search tool

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