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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kansas' Unclaimed Property Division Returning Citizens' money

The Kansas Treasurer's Office provides interesting statistics concerning the state's unclaimed property division and its various accomplishments.

  • More than $132 million has been returned in over 30 years
  • The largest single claim ever returned in Kansas was over $340,000
  • 2009 was a record year for the state treasurer; more than 38,000 claims were handled totaling over $11 million... They saw a 20% increase in claims.
  • At the Kansas state fair thousands of people found property.
  • They are doing a special outreach for military veterans to find their property and are working with local VFW chapters to actively seek out soldiers looking for cash.
  • The division only has 8 staff members.
  • Currently, they have over $200 million of unclaimed property waiting for the owners, and an additional $20 million is added each and every year.
  • Online searches are free at the state treasurer's office.

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