Search for your Unclaimed Money (i.e. John Doe's Unclaimed Assets in California)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How do I locate unclaimed money?

Many people who have been watching their local news, may have recently seen stories about how the government holds onto assets, when financial institutions are unable to find their rightful owner. Fortunately, there are many ways to discover if you have some cash that is waiting for you to properly claim it.

Some companies and firms may try to conduct the search for you in exchange for a percentage of the loot. However, you don't need to pay them; you can do it yourself. (With that said, if you are short on time, or if filling out forms and dealing with government bureaucracies annoys you, it may be worth your while to hire one of these money finding firms). The internet allows you to easily search the government's coffers to see if you, your family or your deceased relatives have assets that are ready to be turned over to you.

To find the government unclaimed property list, you need to look under every state (county) where you have lived or have opened banking relationships, utility accounts or brokerage accounts. Odds are pretty good that the state comptroller of unclaimed funds would be able to help you locate your lostmoney ; And many of the largest states (California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois) have hundreds of millions of dollars waiting to be claimed.

What's kind of neat is that you can go to youtube or watch some videos on this website of people who were down on their luck; logged onto their state's website to look for assets and other financial instruments that have been growing and compounding for years.

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